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At Msolutions, we can help you with moving any special items you might have, including pianos, fine art antiques, and much more. According to industry statistics, approximately 35% of all people who move need some sort of special items transported.

Our team of agents will be able to help you find the right professionals to move whatever special items you may have quickly and securely. This means that you won’t have to worry about any of your belongings getting damaged in transit.



We at Msolutions have lots of great appliance movers within our network, so we feel confident that we can find the right one to match all of your needs perfectly. If you have a refrigerator, washer, dryer or some other type of appliance that you need moved, we can find the best appliance mover in your area to get the job done without any issues or complications. With the help of one of these professionals, you shouldn’t have a single problem with getting your appliances to your new home quickly and safely.

Antique Items

Over 15 million people in the U.S. hire professional movers to transport their antiques each year. Our network of professionals are all very skilled and experienced when it comes to doing this type of transportation, so you will have absolutely nothing to worry about. No matter how fragile your antiques may be, we will be able to find the right professionals to get the job done.


In 2016, approximately 1 million people hired professionals to move a piano they owned. Moving a piano definitely requires help from experts who know what they are doing, and we can assist you in finding them. At Msolutions, we have helped many people to move their pianos to their new homes, and we can do the same for you.

Safe and Secure Transportation Services

Your special items will be transported in a very safe and secure manner, so you won’t need to be concerned with whether or not they are going to arrive intact. These professionals take their job very seriously and always make a point of taking all the necessary precautions when shipping special and/or fragile items. With the use of climate-controlled trailers, wooden crates and large amount of padding, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your special items are going to be safe.

Around 40% of people who had special items moved by professionals found that at least one of the items was damaged by the time it arrived at its destination. At Msolutions, we can guarantee that all of your items, whatever they are, will be transported with the greatest care. We know just how important these possessions are to you, which is why our agents will do everything they can to get you the top quality services you require.