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The fact is that moving to San Francisco is a great overall decision for a number of reasons, and you should really learn why. These days a lot of people are moving to this particular California city because of the progressive culture, beautiful scenery and many other things.

A Progressive Culture


As the birthplace of gay rights and the ’60’s counterculture movement, San Francisco warmly welcomes differences. It’s a city with a minority-majority population and a global community. Everyone fits in. Its no wonder this forward thinking city was an early investor in the wonderful world of high-tech and continues to be a leader in the industry. But you don’t have to be a tech geek to fit in. SF loves to get weird — whether it’s the Folsom Street Fair, How Weird Street Faire, or the countless Burning Man pre- and post-parties.

Career Opportunities

The good news is San Francisco and its Silicon Valley neighbor have the highest household income in the nation. The bad news is, you’ll need the extra dough to afford housing. The Bay Area is a magnet for young professionals seeking high-paying tech jobs. The well-established and rapidly expanding technology sector draws talent from all over the world

Mild Weather

San Francisco may have more than its fair share of fog, but low hanging clouds are nothing compared to snow, humidity and extreme heat. In fact, San Francisco has the coolest daily temperatures in the country for June, July, and August. And did we mention there’s no humidity? While your friends on the East Coast are sweating their butts off, you’ll be sitting pretty in a light sweater.