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When you are moving to Portland, Oregon, you will first need to spend some time learning about what this city can offer you overall. Thousands of people are moving to this area each year, and for good reason. The more you learn about this city, the more excited you will be to actually live there.

The Downtown Area


One of the best things about moving to Portland, Oregon, is the fact that you will have the downtown area of this city to explore. Downtown has a lot to offer, including all sorts of small shops, bakeries, restaurants, cafes and other places that you will be sure to love. There is definitely a quaint charm to the downtown area in this city.

The Beautiful Landscape

There is no denying that Portland and Oregon as a whole has some of the most beautiful landscape in the entire nation. The Pacific Northwest of the United States has breathtaking scenery that you’ve probably only ever seen in movies and pictures. You won’t have to travel very far to find great scenery when you live in this city.

A Place for Art Lovers and Artists

In Portland you will find that there are all sorts of art galleries, museums and studios that you can visit. Whether you are an artist or just an art lover, this is certainly a great place to live overall.

The Suburbs

The many different suburbs of Portland are great places to raise a family, and they are quite affordable by and large. If you are looking for a place to raise kids, you cannot do much better than this city.