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Once you have taken a little bit of time to look into the state of Montana and what it has to offer, it will become clear why so many people choose to move here. Whether you have already decided to move to this state or you aren’t sure yet, getting this information should definitely help. This state has a whole lot to offer overall.

The Outdoors


You will quickly discover that one of the best things about Montana is the incredible scenery. There are so many different things to do outdoors in this state, including white water rafting, hunting, camping, biking, kayaking and a whole lot more. If you love spending time outdoors, you will certainly want to make a point of looking into this state.

The People

Montanans are without a doubt some of the best people you will find in the country, and they are very welcoming. If you are planning on moving to Montana, you will find that the people who live here are generally very welcoming and friendly. You can always count on your neighbors to give you a helping hand when you need it.


This state also has some of the most incredible wildlife, so you will need to take that into consideration as well. There are a lot of different animals in this state, including brown bears and Big Horn Sheep. If you have a love for animals and the outdoors in general, you will find that Montana is a wonderful place to live. You will most likely see wildlife on a regular basis when living here.