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If you are planning on moving to Florida, you will find that there are many great things about this state. It’s very important that you make a point of learning everything you can about this place before you actually move there.

The Beautiful Weather


A lot of people have the misconception that the entirety of Florida is miserably hot and humid all the time, but that’s just not the case. The fact is that this state actually gets some really beautiful weather that you will likely enjoy; it is called the “Sunshine State” after all.

The Beaches

There are many beautiful beaches that Florida has to offer, and you will definitely want to check them out after moving there. The beaches are just one of the many things that Floridians love about this state so much. With miles and miles of sandy beaches and warm water to swim in, you simply cannot go wrong. This is a great state to live in if you like to fish as well.

Friendly People

One of the things that Florida is best known for is its friendly natives. If you want to live in a place that has a friendly welcoming attitude to people in general, you will find that living here will be quite pleasurable.

Fresh Fruit

The fresh oranges and other fruit that is grown and sold everywhere in this state is absolutely delicious, and you’ll most likely find yourself partaking of it often. If you are a big fan of oranges, this is certainly the state that you want to move to.